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You have dreams. Goals. Ambitions. You want to pursue them. And you always mean to make time. Clear your calendar. Take action to make a plan and make progress. But life gets in the way. Family matters come up. Work takes precedence.

So you set your goals aside for another day. Maybe you even override that beat in your heart, voice in your head with all the reasons why now is not the time. It seems reasonable. Practical, you think. But the months pass and your goals stay right where you left them: Unexplored. Unfinished. In the future.

Yet so often, what you want to accomplish is within reach. And in the back of your mind, you know you can attain your goals if you really make the effort. Devote the energy. Set your priorities. That’s where I come in.


My name is Holly.
As a CERtIFIED professional coach, I'm here to help you

Live Your Intention. For Your Life.


My Approach

My approach to coaching starts with a close look at your “why” – what lights you up and gives you a sense of purpose. You may have a list of dreams and aspirations, but knowing what’s behind them is key to unlocking your motivation and creating a specific plan to reach your goals.

Through my four-step process, I’ll help you create a structure and establish habits to build the life you want, with a strategic, no-nonsense approach.

My Process

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Identify Your Why


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Define Your Dreams and Goals


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Create a Plan


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Build In Accountability




Step One

Identify Your Why

We’ll begin by pulling from the source: you. What are you drawn to learn about? What are you really interested in? What do you naturally do? What are your values? These questions help reveal your natural passions and give you the starting point to identify your sense of purpose.



Step Two

Define Your Dreams and Goals

We’ll get specific about what you want to achieve and why. What’s at the heart of your ambitions? Why do you want to achieve them? Do your dreams align with who you are and who you want to be? When you know what’s behind your aspirations, you’ll feel conviction about why it matters to take action.



Step Three

Create a Plan

We’ll create a step-by-step plan for you to take consistent action. This is the time to clear away self-doubt. To implement new practices and habits. And to look at what you need to take out of your life – not just add to it – to feel productive, motivated and fulfilled.



Step Four

Build In Accountability

It’s my job to help you stay on course. As your plans come to fruition, we’ll address the barriers, blocks and limiting beliefs that can keep you from moving forward. Because I believe your success matters, I’ll help you stay accountable throughout our work together, and ask you to show up with proof that you’re following your plan for success.

How It Works

Coaching sessions take place weekly by phone or video, for an average of three to six months. Some clients continue with regular, ongoing coaching, or resume coaching engagements to address specific goals as they arise.

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Holly Krivo Coach
Holly Krivo Coach

Who I Work With

Many of my clients are high achievers. They’re disciplined, driven individuals who feel there’s something missing in their life, either professionally or personally. On paper, they appear successful, but they often feel unfulfilled or they might not be living up to their full potential.

I specialize in working with high-achieving women who are on the fence regarding having children. My clients are used to following the status quo but are paralyzed to make this decision. Learn more about these paralyzing thoughts here. I also work with childfree women to step fully into their decision so they can live a full life.

I believe your success matters. As a client, you’ll have my full commitment to your development as you work toward realizing your personal and professional potential and living with intention.

What You Can Expect

Change begins the moment you decide to devote time to reaching your goals. While the results of every coaching engagement differ from person to person, the work of coaching manifests itself in new mindsets,  realizations and self-beliefs that will have a profound effect on your life.

Coaching involves commitment on both sides. You can expect our work together to be engaging, challenging and collaborative, as we work toward meeting your goals.

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Quotation Mark

After 20 years of military service with multiple deployments, high expectations, long work hours and poor work-life balance, Holly has been instrumental in helping me transition careers and become a better husband, father and friend. She’s helped me face my blocks head-on by developing goals and action plans. Most importantly, Holly helped me find myself, after so many years of being “Sergeant Brooks.” Now my family gets all of me, not whatever’s left over.

Daryl Brooks
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF

I worked with Holly during a time when I was navigating a major transition in my career. She has an innate ability to listen and tie together the words I am saying with my emotions as well as past discussions we have had to help provide meaningful insight. She always honored my values in our sessions and through her intuitive questioning and coaching I was able to make better decisions and progress toward my goals. I greatly valued her coaching during my transition.

Kate Sberna
Chief Talent Officer

I could go on and on about her, but if you are looking for someone to trust and help you learn about yourself, your ambitions, your desires, your potential – your truth – then look no further than Holly. She has a masterful understanding of how to bring clarity and purpose to someone’s life, while also sparking hope and meaningful direction! She is the real deal and the best teammate I could ever have! Holly has truly blessed and forever impacted so many people’s lives!

Tamara Jolee
Dallas Mavericks Sports Reporter
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Holly Krivo Coach

About Me

Coaching is my “why.” It’s my passion. Helping clients move toward their dreams and live their intentions helps me do the same in my life.

Before becoming a coach, I had a successful career. I was good at what I did. I liked my work. And I made more than enough money to do the things I most enjoyed. I was happy enough, but I always knew there was something missing. In coaching, I found what I’d been looking for.

When I began my training, I discovered my prior career had helped me develop the very skills I needed to become an effective coach. My work with high achievers in sports and health care had prepared me to be an adept listener, an inquisitive observer and an agile facilitator. And because I had learned what could be accomplished through strategic planning and a dedication to demonstrable results, I brought that same approach to my coaching process.

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