Waiting for the Aftershock of the Earthquake that is COVID-19

A couple weeks ago, we I wrote a blog about how COVID-19 felt like an earthquake that straight up rocked our world, leaving us stunned and worried. (I am fully aware that for a woman from New Mexico who has spent much of her adult life in Texas,I sure do have a lot of earthquake analogies but this should wrap them up).

Now as we are starting to get back to "normal" this fear is still simmering underneath. We are anxiously waiting for the aftershock. We are all cautiously optimistic. Totes normal. There's a lot riding on how this plays out.

What if we all go out and cases ramp back up?

What will the economy look like?

Will we have to go back into quarantine?

Will I get sick? Will my family get sick?

What does my employment future look like?  

The fear of the unknown is so much more powerful than the fear of the known. But at the end of the day no matter what, your courage is bigger than your fear. We can do this.

Even though uncertainty surrounds us we can still move forward with what we want for our life, big or small. We can stop spending time on what “should” have been and“could” have been. We can stop using COVID-19 as an excuse for not following through on what we want for our life. We can scrap our previous plans, goals, ideas and create new ones that could in fact be better than we originally had planned. We can move past the fear into action.

I am ready.Are you? If you are, you'll want to join me starting June 1 for a three-month program to make serious moves on what you want for 2020. It will involve 1:1 coaching, accountability and weekly content all designed to help you make progress on what you want for your life. I am only taking 25 people so message me today to get on the list before it goes live at the end of the week!

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Aftershock of COVID-19

But at the end of the day no matter what, your courage is bigger than your fear.