Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Free.

In the past 48 hours I have heard two different features on NPR, one on children who have lost their parents to addiction and the other on women who were sexually assaulted in the workplace.  

The children wrote letters to addiction, full of anger at the addiction and sadness for their loss.

The women confronted a man who was not their assaulter but had been convicted of an assault. He felt called to help these women.

I was in awe of their courage, their heart and their honesty.Their stories will stick with me for a long time.

One thing that was so clear to me was through being heard, these children and women felt seen for who they were. To lessen the burden of carrying their story and pain, they spoke their truth and were heard. Their pain, while still strong and always a part of their life, felt a little less heavy.

Our stories need to be heard no matter how dirty they may seem. We need to be seen for the rawness of who we are. Until then we cannot be free.

What is it that you need to speak out into the Universe so that you can feel free? Coaching can help. It allows you to be heard in a safe and non-judgmental place. It helps you hold a mirror to yourself to see where your growth can be while at the same time helps you create the you that you’ve always wanted to be. I will be eternally grateful for the progress I have made through coaching and will be forever changed.  

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Be Heard

Our stories need to be heard no matter how dirty they may seem.