Embrace the Suckiness

When we don’t reset expectations after changed circumstances, we are a lot like this cute little bulldog. Sitting stubbornly, giving life the side eye as it wants to take us down a path we did not want to go down.  

Resetting expectations isn't fun and I'm not telling you it should be. To be honest,it sucks but I am proud of you for embracing the suckiness. We have two options in life and if I know you, you will choose the one that moves you forward.

Now that we've taken a beat to mourn our losses and reset our expectations, What is it you want out of 2020?

I want you to think through what your top 1-3 goals are for this year and write them down. Get them out of your head and into the Universe. Go ahead, I'll wait....

Your goals may look completely different than you had originally thought.

Your goals may look less fun and more survival. 

Your goals may look "small" and"insignificant". (Spoiler alert! These are often times the ones that make the biggest impact.)

Whatever they are, honor them. Make them a priority. Be accountable for what you want. 

No more excuses on not moving forward in 2020. Because that would really suck. 

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Embrace the Suckiness

To be honest,it sucks but I am proud of you for embracing the suckiness.