If It Works for Olympians, It Can Work for You

In what feels like another lifetime I worked in Marketing and Communications for USA Softball, a life-changing experience of growth and opportunity for me. I could write a book with what I learned from the habits and mindset of athletes who are literally the best in the world to learning howto be adaptable, flexible and still maintain excellence.

There is one lesson that I always come back to and it’s been especially helpful during the past couple weeks as the Coronavirus has started to impact our life here in Norway.  

Control the Controllables.

Olympic Gold-Medal Winning Coach and 8-Time National Championship Coach at the University of Arizona Mike Candrea would tell this to the team on what felt like a daily basis but it’s such a good reminder to focus on what you can control.

We as humans seem to spend a lot of time on worrying about things that if we are honest about it, we have little to no influence on. By Controlling the Controllables and letting the rest fade away, you have more energy to focus on the things you really can impact as opposed to worry or running around in circles NOT doing what you can to move the needle.

Can I control if airlines cancel flights, countries shutdown borders or any other reason that would disrupt our plan?    


But I can control buying flights, hotels and experiences that are refundable. I can look at other travel options if our trips get cancelled.

Will I be disappointed if we have to cancel our trips?

Hell yeah ! But I can control my thoughts and emotions. I can remind myself this is first world problems and despite being frustrated,there are people out there who are sick or financially struggling because of this.

There is probably not a week and definitely a month that goes by that I don’t comeback to this principle of “Control the Controllables” and it is a key factor in keeping my sanity when things get a little off kilter.

What are the Controllables in life you can focus on ? How will letting go of that which you cant control free you up to work on what you can? 

If it works for Olympic Gold Medalists, it can work for you!  

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How I am using what I learned from an Olympic Gold-Medal Winning Coach to keep me sane during the Coronavirus

Control the Controllables.