Honoring Your Values When Challenged

“You’ll know they are truly your values when you stand up for them when it’shard.”  Stu McLaren spoke this on his podcast this week and I was like OK STU.

We talk A LOT about values in coaching. What are your highest values? What is important to you when you show up in the world?  When you feel icky it’s often because you are acting against the values that are important to you. It’s easy (easier) to honor your values when times are good or when you are interacting with those who seem to share your values.

It gets a lot harder to live your values when you are challenged, questioned and convicted or interacting with those who you vehemently disagree with.

The past couple months have tested and revealed our character and values as we are living in uncertain, volatile and divisive times. I strongly believe this is just the beginning.

I encourage you to take a beat and ask yourself, “How am I honoring my values during this crisis?”

Do you value compassion but are not reaching out to those hurting because you aren’t sure what to say?

Do you value authenticity but you are hiding what is on your heart because of fear of what others think?

Do you value kindness but are spending time behind your computer being unkind to those who are different than you?

Do you value accomplishment but aren’t sure where to start because the chaos of the world seems too monumental?

These are a couple of the ways I have noticed a conflict with my values during this time. And every single time I step away and recognize this and take action to honor my values, the helplessness and frustration lessens.

The road ahead is long. We have to know what we stand for especially as we embark on a new era for our country and the world. This is hard work. I’m not saying it isn’t.

Are you showing up like the person you want to be or in away that contradicts the values you set for yourself?

If you are unsure of your values and how to honor them, I am scheduling FREE 45-minute value assessments for the next 30 days. Email me at holly@hollykrivo.com if interested.

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Honoring Your Values When Challenged

Do you value compassion but are not reaching out to those hurting because you aren’t sure what to say?