I was on a break.

Breaks aren’t always a bad thing.

And a break isn’t always a breakup.

In fact, I took a break from parts of my business about a month ago and it wasn’t super comfortable at first. As someone who likes to do and accomplish and honor her commitments and goals, I had a hard time stepping into it.

But the truth is that by taking a break I was able to do the exact things above. I just needed a beat.

If the thought of taking a break from something in your life scares you, here are two thoughts to marinate on and see if a small break can propel you in a big way.

A. It's necessary to rethink what you are doing and make adjustments. In fact, it's the only way to survive and thrive.

Sometimes we dont want to change what we are doing because we feel like we've failed when in reality it's time to change course. I was doing a couple things in my business that served me at one point but didn't any longer which is AOK. We can stay so rigid to what we commit to that we never stop to think, "Is this where I should be spending my energy?"  I used this time to start/stop doing things and I've already seen the shift.

What is it for you that you can rethink and adjust to make your life a little sweeter?


B. Stepping away is key to moving forward.

I am not sure I would have recognized point A without point B. We have to stop every once in a while and look at the full picture. We can get overwhelmed with outside influences, ever-growing to do lists and doing things as we always have, that we lose sight of why we started in the first place. It's okay to take a beat. In fact, every breakthrough I have had has come after a break.

What can you step away from to get clarity on where you want to go next?


Life won’t pass you by in a week or a month or even a couple months. Take a break, reset and go kick ass.  I know it won’t be the last time I just step away for a bit so I can step forward in a big way.


What would a break look like for you?

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I was on a break.

In fact, every breakthrough I have had has come after a break.