It's Never Too Late


You are not too old and it’s not too late.

A girl can never have too many inspirational coffee mugs... Or can she?

Age can be such a harmful metric to define a life.

We think we have to have done x, y, z by a certain age or we're a failure. Married, Kids, Make a certain amount of money.

We think if we haven't done x, y, z by a certain age it's too late. Make a career move, book a trip, have a conversation.

We think we're too old and hold ourselves back from the things that light us up. Pick up a new hobby, be silly, celebrate your birthday all month. *cough*

All because somewhere along the way we picked up an idea that life had to be lived in a certain way by a certain time or it doesn't count or we're behind or it's too late. Ain't that some BS?

We need to stop defining our life by the age we are and focus on the life we live in a year.

What is it that you have given up on because you're too old?

What would it look like if instead of thinking the time has passed that the time is now?

I am just as excited for 41 as I was for 21 and 31 and all the years ahead because I know as long as I am here I have the time to do whatever it is that lights me up. As long as I have breath in my lungs, I can create the life I want.

How about you?

Stop thinking your life has to fit a timeline. Create your own timeline and make it happen. The world needs you.

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It's Never Too Late

You are not too old and it’s not too late.