Mental Joy Day

 This is Rusti and he lives in Norway and is living the dream. I have this printed and up on my wall in the office because it brings me joy and I am super intentional about putting things in my daily life that bring me joy.

I was on a call the other day with a friend (Hi C!) and she mentioned how she was taking a mental joy day. I literally said, “Wait. What? Did you say a mental joy day?”

Where has this concept been all my life?!!

Not a mental health day but a mental joy day. She was taking a day to go do something that provided her joy.

A proactive approach to mental health  

What would a mental joy day be for you?

What is one thing you can do this week that fills you with joy?

What is one thing you can start implementing into your week that may serve no other purpose than it lights you up and bring you joy?

And let me stop you right here, you do have the time. I can promise there is some time in your week (even if it’s not significant) that you can use to reconnect and create space for you.

This should be an easy task. Schedule something that brings you joy but it is so often put on the back burner. I hear excuses like “I don’t have the time” or I hear the underlying message of “I don’t deserve to because I haven’t “earned” it.

This is not the truth.  

Whether a printed photo of an alpaca or a day doing your favorite thing. Make your mental joy day a staple so that you can build a life that requires less mental health days.

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Mental Joy Day

Wait. What? Did you say a mental joy day?