Office Space

One of my goals in Q1 was to receive my COR.E Dynamics Leadership Specialist certification which I did! It may sound like a lot of hullabaloo to you but what it means is I have more tools and knowledge to better serve you!

In COR.E Dynamics we talk about how influencers like spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental are factors that can work for you or against you.

They can enhance or distract your energy.

They are the stressors that take our joy away.

When performance is not at peak, one of these is off.

My environment has been less than ideal this year and I know I'm not alone. We moved back from Norway. Had three adults working from home. And the biggest stressor for me was not feeling like I had a space of my own.

I managed this by making the space I had as good as I could but definitely had some "poor me" thoughts and got snippy when people came to eat their dinner in my office aka the kitchen table.

But today I got my office back and a little bit of groove. While I'll miss my little brother I already feel a sense of relief to have privacy, space and a place of inspiration to bring my fullest energy.  It wasn't terrible working this way the past3 months but it definitely wasn't ideal and was probably more of a drain than I realized.

What are you tolerating in your environment?

What could you do today to make your environment work for you?

How might you alter the factors, that are less than ideal and under your control, to change?

We'll be talking about the other influencers in the upcoming months so get ready!

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Office Space

What are you tolerating in your environment?