Power of Your Story with April

“We all have a story. Either we don’t give value to our story or we let our story have power over us because of past experiences, shame, guilt, etc. I want to show women how to flip the paradigm for themselves and harness the power of their own story so they can shine a light out in the world.”

In today's episode of Chill & Grace, I spent time with certified coach April Pertruis and founder of Light Beamers, where she helps women use their story to get clear on their purpose, build their audience and grow their brand.

A natural born story teller, April believes every single person has a story (or stories) to tell that will light the way for others and that if we knew the impact and power our stories could make we would shout it on the rooftop.

We talked about how acknowledging and naming fear (hers is named the Devil)is the key to moving through it and how sitting on our story does a disservice to everyone but mostly ourselves. She shared the #1 reason she believes women don't tell the stories of their heart and how at the end of the day your story doesn't belong to you, it's there to serve others.

And a bonus, she shared a story that involved a strip club owner and mob boss! I bet you didn't think that was coming next.

This isn't just for entrepreneurs but for every woman or man out there who has a story on their heart they want to tell. It's for those who want to create meaningful connections and change the world. It's for all of us.

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Power of Your Story with April

We all have a voice. How we choose to share it is different?