Are you Ready to make an Investment over an Excuse?

Hi! I am so glad you’re here. Just by you showing up here, I see something in you. I see how you know there is something more you need to do. I see that you are frustrated with the progress or lack of progress you’ve made. I see that you are someone who values making the best of their time on this planet. I see someone who is ready to make an investment over an excuse.

I like you already!

You may have lost traction over the past couple months or found a shift in your priorities but take a deep breath. You’re in the right place.  

Now more than ever it’s important for you to be intentional with your life.

Despite all the uncertainty and setbacks you have faced, you are still in control of how you show up every day and the impact this creates.

That is what this program is all about. It was designed to help you reset you goals and priorities and relaunch into the back half of the year, equipped with the tools, mindset and support to make it all happen.

Is this for you?

Are you someone who knows what they want but if left to your own devices, it will stay on the back burner? And to be honest, you’re just sick and tired of letting yourself down?

Are you someone who wants something different in their life but the thought of what to do and where to start is paralyzing?

Or are you just someone who recognizes the power of support and a plan in making your lifework for you and not against you?

If you said yes to any of the above, this is for you! I work with high-performers who believe it is one of their highest values to show up as their best selves. They understand that true growth is a long game but the efforts are a daily task. They understand that they create their future even when everything around them is unknown.

Are you ready to make an investment over an excuse?

What is Reset. Relaunch.?
A 90-day program designed to support you to make serious moves on what you want for your life.It’s been designed to make small, consistent moves toward what you want with little overwhelm.

·      Monthly 1:1 sessions (3 sessions) – We will work together to create a strategic plan, work through barriers and limiting beliefs and anything that else that will get in your way.

·      Accountability Check Ins (6 – 2x month) – It helps to have someone check in on us when we set goals. We’ll connect via text/email to ensure you are staying on track for the goals you set.

·      Weekly Actionable Content – This content will be delivered straight to your inbox on Sunday so you can start the week strong. This may come in the form of video,text or worksheets. Never overwhelming and always useful.  

·      Online Community - A dedicated face book group for the like-minded members of Reset.Relaunch. for encouragement, support and fun! I'll also show up with FB lives and group coaching!

But Wait There’s More! What good is all the above if it doesn’t produce lasting impact.

Clarity on your goals are and why they are important.  

Plan customized for you based on what you want for your life.

Focus on one thing at a time to build the momentum. A rising tide lifts all ships.

Progress through daily, weekly monthly actions, small steps to make big progress.

Confidence in your ability to make life work for you through daily actions and goals

Support through myself and the online community of your fellow members. Excellence begets excellence and we all need a little extra support.

Celebrate your accomplishments,big or small, to keep the momentum on all the great things you are doing!

I Want In!

I am only taking 25 members for this initial launch AND as a bonus since it’s the first launch I am offering a ONE-TIME offer for this 90-day program of $379 for the entire program. The value alone of the 1:1 coaching more than this inaugural rate!

If you signup by May 22nd, you’ll receive a bonus 1:1 session to be used before we kick off on June 1st!

I can't wait to see what you do when you make what you want for your life a priority! 


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Are you Ready to make an Investment over an Excuse?