Smorgasbord of Feelings

Movers have come. Cleaners are here. Bags are packed. Goodbyes for now are being said.

It's hard to believe our time here is coming to an end. My thoughts feel all over the place and my heart feels just as scattered.  

I am feeling sad. I am feeling grateful. I am feeling anxious. I am feeling excitement. I am feeling awed. I am feeling cheated. I am feeling blessed. It's fair to see I am feeling a smorgasbord of feelings.

Notice I said I am feeling. I am not any of those things. They don't define WHO I am just what I am feeling as I show up for my life with an open heart.

We love to judge our emotions. We feel sad and then we judge ourselves for feeling sad and then we judge ourselves for judging ourselves for feeling sad and so on and so on. Stop that. Feel the feels.

When you recognize you are more than the emotions you feel, they don't have as much power over you. They don't feel as permanent. You have more control of them.

They don't define WHO you are, just WHAT you feel.

This year I have done a lot of work around this. 95% of the time I am a joyful, optimistic person and this year brought up a lot of challenging emotions for me. Instead of ignoring them I noticed the more I welcomed "negative" emotions like anger, sadness, bitterness, instead of ignoring and pushing them down, the quicker I was to process whatever it is that is bringing them up.

I know I am not alone in this. It's been a topsy turvy year for us all. It's totally normal to feel whatever it is you are going through.

Do you allow yourself to feel emotions without judgment?

Do you welcome the "good" and the "bad" emotions that come up for you?

Give yourself the space with no judgment to feel those. It's OK. It's a sign you are showing up for your life.

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Smorgasbord of Feelings