Sober·ish Uprising with Dana - Inner Chaos, People Pleasing and Self-Sabotage

“When I talk about being sober·ish, I am talking about me really paying attention to how I am paying attention to me. It’s a choice, not a label.”  

Today’s episode is with my dear friend Dana Kaplan who shares how sober·ish not only applies to booze but to food, exercise and other things that we can use as a coping mechanism.

  • The core memory of feeling so loved and vulnerable that she turned to booze for numb that beautiful feeling.
  • The awe she still carries about never having to go to rehab.
  • How for many years she thought she was undateable and would self-sabotage herself with booze to try and prove it.
  • The importance of having these types of conversations with kiddos which is her life’s work.

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Sober·ish Uprising with Dana

It's not a label or a limit but a choice on how to take care of yourself.