Sober·ish Uprising with Brent - Negotiations, California Sober and Trickle Down Effect

My brother was the first person in my life that I was close to that I saw choose sobriety and do it as a power move. It felt like it came out of nowhere but also not as I knew he wanted more for his life He quit drinking on February 6, 2020, a month after he moved into our house to take care of it and our two pupsters while we lived abroad and a month before the world shut down. He knew it was an opportunity he had to move on.

Brent has been my biggest supporter and inspiration along my sober·ish journey and I know I am not alone. In today’s episode of Sober·ish Uprising we chatted on:

  • His constant negotiation with himself around drinking was never successful and never got executed and how he was never the mean drunk, just the one who would force you to learn workout moves. 
  • How his candle was blown out when he drank and how that can be a barometer for all of us and what we allow into our life including booze, drugs, people, etc. 
  • How as a society we talk so much about how booze feels great but not near enough how sober feels so much better. 
  • And his one tip to someone wanting to do something different that still gives me the chills. 

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Soberish Uprising with Brent

Is this dimming the light or is it keeping the fire going?