The Earthquake No one is Talking About

I feel like we’ve all been through a minor earthquake. We’re rattled. We’ve started to put things back on the shelf. We’re starting to adjust to our new normal but the ground has shifted and we’ve found a couple cracks in our foundation.

The foundation of our mindset. Our relationships. Our goals. Our optimism. Our health. Our finances.

Pre-earthquake we felt confident in the foundation of our life. We were rocking as usual until our world was rocked. When life is going as planned and we are “in control” (Spoiler: we rarely have as much control as we think) we tend to gloss over the cracks with busyness and accomplishments and excuses.

Post-earthquake we are noticing the areas of our life that maybe weren't as strong as we thought. The distractions are gone, our norm is flipped upside down and stress is high. It is no longer easy to avoid taking a hard look at what is holding our lives up.

Is this true for you? Are there areas of your life that have been exposed by this crack in the foundation?

Awesome! Let this be a warning shot for us all to get real on where we need to put some effort in our lives.  

Is it a crack in your relationships where you are noticing areas that could use some support? 

Is it a crack in your satisfaction with your job and you are wondering "what the heck am I doing"? 

Is it a crack in how you take care of your body, both mentally and physically? 

What an opportunity to be able see the areas of your life that have a crack before your world totally crumbles without warning. 

I encourage you to take time with this question. Write it down. Let it marinate. Be honest and think big.

“What does my truest and most precious vision for this part of my life look like?”  

Design that blueprint and take the first step to rebuild the foundation for a life you are proud to thrive in.

What an opportunity to rebuild your foundation with intention and purpose and passion. 

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The Earthquake No one is Talking About

“What does my truest and most precious vision for this part of my life look like?”