3 Ways to Thrive as a Childfree Woman during the Holidays

There’s a common misconception that the holidays are easy breezy for the childfree and while yes there are some perks like no waiting in line for Santa pics or spending 100s of dollars on gifts never played with, this is not always the case. Check out three ways to take charge of your holidays so you can thrive in joy as a childfree woman!  

1.      Manage Expectations and Obligations

The stress of the holidays often boils down to two things, expectations and obligations. The expectations you set for yourself and the obligations you feel from others. Unrealistic expectations and unspoken obligations leave us feeling stressed and frustrated.  

Are you expected to travel every holiday because you don’t have the extra burden of kiddos?

Are you expecting a holiday like the ones on TV or you grew up with but fall short every year?  

Are you expected to do more of the work every year since you have “more time” ?

Do a full scan of all the expectations and obligations you are feeling around the holiday. What expectations are unrealistic and no longer serve you? Let them go. Which obligations are you ready to no longer carry? Have that conversation. Make the change.

2.      Set Boundaries

Boundaries are the ultimate act of self-care. Setting them for yourself and with others will help you stay charged and in control of the Holidays.

Is it limiting social media so you can stay focused on your joy and not be distracted by others?

Is it setting a financial budget so you enter into 2020 with no holiday debt ?

Is it having the chat with a family member that your child making decision will NOT be up for discussion?

Create the boundary
that will serve you best. Honor it.And move on like a boss!  

3. Create Traditions

Take the trip.

Treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Spend all day watching Christmas movies, drinking eggnog.

Or do nothing at all!

Whatever it is that lights you up, make it a priority during the holidays. You don’t need kids or the “traditional” family to set meaningful traditions. Make the Holidays YOUR OWN.

And here’s the thing at the end of the day, if the Holidays aren’t a big deal for you CARRY ON! They don’t have to be and that’s okay! You have 365 days to live your life to the fullest so don’t bank a years worth of happiness on one or two days.  



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3 Ways to Thrive as a Childfree Woman during the Holidays