What's Your Commitment Number?

I posted last week about no longer making excuses for 2020 and defining what it is you want out of 2020.

Have you thought about it?

Does it seem ridiculous to even have hopes for a year that has seemed to let you down over and over? It’s like screw me once shame on you,screw me twice shame on me.  

I am here to remind you it’s not.  

So often we set goals or aspirations or intentions without truly thinking about how committed we are to making it happen. So that when life happens, and it always does, and we face obstacles and hardships, we start to question ourselves, our abilities and think of a million excuses on why we can’t move forward.

Back to what you want for 2020, I want you to ask yourself,"On a scale of 1-10 how committed am I to this goal?"  (1 - If it happens, cool but not wanting to work much on it and 10 - I will do whatever I can to make it happen.)

Be honest with yourself. Truly think how committed you are to achieving what it is you want out of 2020.

Think about the time and work and resources it will take.Think about what you will have to give up and the growing pains. Think about feeling uncomfortable and challenged.

Think about how it is going to feel when you accomplish it.Think about not letting yourself down again. Think about the different person you will be when you stay committed to this goal.

How committed are you to this goal?

If it's a 5 or below, maybe it's time to really think if this is truly important to you? Or is it just something you think you should do?

There's no judgment in this. It's your life but before you set out on making a change you owe it to yourself to be honest about how truly committed you are to making it happen. We have a limited amount of energy and hours in the day. Choose how you spend them wisely and don’t let the obstacle of life get in your way.

If you are feeling stuck or unclear on what it is you want, message me and let’s chat. I offer complimentary discovery sessions for all new clients to experience coaching, gain clarity and create a plan to move forward.  

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What's Your Commitment Number?

How committed are you to this goal?