Vitality Igniter

September 16, 2021
December 16, 2021

Are you trying to operate business as usual but it’s not working?

Trying to push through the loss and the disappointment and the fear and the sadness and the ever-changing, overwhelming world but left dissatisfied and frustrated?

Is it all feeling a bit too much?  Yeah me too. 

It’s why I created the Vitality Igniter, a four-month intimate circle for engaged and purpose-driven women who are ready to release the fear, sadness and overwhelm of this ever-changing world and light up their life with passion, purpose and vitality.   

If you are overwhelmed and burned out and you can’t handle the thought of “one more thing to do.” This is for you. Inside our intimate circle, we scrap the idea of doing it alone. You will be seen, heard, validated and challenged to reignite the spark that you think you lost. You will come out of hiding and show up as you are with full acceptance of where you are in a safe container.  

Still wondering if this is for you? 

Are you a woman who is used to operating at a 10 but is stuck at a 5?

Are you a woman who is unmotivated and beating themselves up, not taking the time to look at all they are accomplishing? 

Are you a woman who is carrying guilt and shame for being sad of their losses, comparing them to others but never releasing them?

Are you a woman who is carrying the load of family and work and all the things and need a break to take care of you?

Are you a woman who wants to work on goals but unsure if it's worth it because of the state of the world?

Are you a woman who needs to stop putting a square peg into a round hole and reset expectations of life moving forward?

Are you a woman who is embarrassed to admit what used to be important is no more and aren’t sure what's next? 

Vitality Igniter 

Two Coaching Calls a Month (September - December) - Thursday evenings at 7 CT.  

  • This is your space to receive coaching on struggles in your life and to learn from others. I’ll bring topics to the session like: grieving losses so you can grow, resetting expectations for your life, judgment of our emotions. 

1 1:1 Coaching Call

  • This is yours to use throughout the Igniter. A safe one on one place to get coaching and support  what it is YOU need! 

Support between calls 

  • There is power in the community and connection and meaningful change happens between coaching sessions. We’ll do it together. 

The cost of this investment for four months is $1,500.

You will:
Be seen, heard and validated.
Have the space to say the things you need to release.
Face what you know has been holding you back.
Start to hear and acknowledge what's important to you.
Challenged to get out of your sabotaging ways of thinking and behavior
Learn from other powerful women through meaningful and impactful connection.
See progress and change happen when you take the time to invest in you.

Have questions or a small nudge to join, let’s chat. I want it to be a good fit for us both! 

1:1 Coaching


You are here which means you are taking the first step to commit to YOU!

Investing in coaching will be one of the best investments you can make as it will extend far beyond our time together.

What does it look like? 

We will have 6-12 sessions to make big strides on what you want for your life. We'll remove blocks. We'll dive into fears, anxiety and thoughts that you have been battling with for years. We'll build in accountability. We'll do all of this in a safe place with no judgment and complete focus on what it is YOU want.

If you are here, you are interested. You have nothing to lose by booking a discovery call, which I require with every new client to ensure we are a match with each other!

You owe it to you to get the support you need to make yours the life you want.

Can't wait to see you

Decision Call

"What if 60 minutes could get you clarity on a big decision you’ve been spending hours agonizing on?”

Seems like an easy decision. But a lot aren’t and often we make them harder than they need to be.

We don’t trust ourselves and flip flop every time we get close to a decision because it's scary. 

We go to a variety of resources (including google) to get the answer when only we know. 

We give ourselves days and weeks that turn into months leaving us frustrated and stuck.

We focus on the act of making the decision rather than what the decision means. 

We get so caught up in our head and emotions that it’s hard to know what really matters. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

I know because I’ve been there AND I’ve also helped countless clients find the clarity to decide, the courage to act and the confidence to never look back (or if they do, have the skills to come back to why they made the decision). 

If you have been trying to make a decision in your life for longer than you would like to admit, have I got something for you! 

Big Decision Session - One Session. One Decision. 

Here’s what it looks like! 

Email me at We’ll briefly connect on what it is you are looking for clarity on and I’ll send you my signature Decision Life Map to fill out before the session which allows us to GET AT IT when we meet together.

That’s when the magic happens. We’ll schedule a one-hour coaching session, a safe place to really dive into the decision you have been facing so you can hang up (Did i just age myself?) and move forward. 

You have nothing to lose except the weight of this decision and the pain in your arse from sitting on the fence for far too long.