Let's Talk About Kids

Kids or no kids? That is the question.

So, let me guess. You've gone back and forth, over and over, trying to make a decision about whether or not you want to have kids. One day it's "Heck, yes!" and the next it's "Hell, no!"

If you're sitting firmly on the fence about this decision, feeling exhausted by it all and ruminating on all of the what-ifs, you're likely bound by the "should shackles." This is when you feel handcuffed by all the "shoulds" in your life — expectations imposed by society, family, friends and very likely, yourself.

These shackles may also show up as "need to," "have to," or for you southerners, "ought to." Sometimes the shackles come along hooked to someone else's name. Red flag! If your indecision is tied to someone else's wants or desires for you, that's a major warning signal.

When you're debating this big question, it can be hard to see how the "shoulds" in your life are taking over. I'm here to help!

With my free download, "The Kid Question," you'll identify and release your perceived obligations and expectations — your should shackles — so you can decide your future on your terms.

Look for more to come in the HK Life Map series!

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